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How to Remove Stains and Clean Furniture

Its not easy to keep your sofas and chairs clean, they are vulnerable to stains, dirt and dust, as well as grime that can get embedded deeply into the fibers! You may not be able to see the dirt just by looking but it there, so to ensure cleanliness and hygiene it is important to clean your upholstery regular.

If your furniture has removable covers then then cleaning your upholstery is simple, just pop them in the washing machine (follow instructions on the label) or take them to the dry cleaners. If you don’t have removable covers then you need to try one or more of the easy methods, with suitable upholstery cleaning products we will tell you about in the next pat of this blog.

Which Upholstery Cleaning Products Should I Use?

Upholstery cleaning products can be bought from most shops, however there are often products you have lying around your home that you can use.

- Mild laundry detergent mixed well with warm water to create plenty of suds.

- White vinegar, this is good for removing surface stains, but you should use a soapy solution after for a deeper clean. Thoroughly air the sofa afterwards to ensure no vinegar smell is lingering.

- Baby wipes are good for cleaning small spills as they are gentle on the material and there’s no risk of over saturating the furniture.

4 Steps to Cleaning Upholstery

You may need to try a few different techniques before finding the one that works best on your furniture.

1. Hoover your sofa or chair before using any upholstery cleaning products to make sure as much surface dirt as possible is removed. A soft brush attachment is best to use to avoid damage to the material.

2. Using baby wipes or vinegar pored onto a microfiber cloth spot clean your furniture. Do this to any obvious stains and be gentle when wiping. You might want to try out products on an inconspicuous area of the furniture first.

3. Use soapy water with a microfiber cloth to gently wipe your furniture, this allows it to soak into the fabric and remove the dirt beneath the surface. Only use a small amount of water so you don’t saturate the material.

4. Allow your furniture to dry naturally, however if you don’t have the time for this then open windows to allow a breeze to speed things up, if that’s still too slow then a hair dryer can be used.

Leather Furniture Cleaning

If you have leather furniture then you will need to use a different method for cleaning your furniture upholstery.

1. Try not to use water as this could stain the material.

2. If you have access to a steam cleaner, then try using that.

3. Use cleaning products made with oils and waxes. This will clean and moisturise your furniture stopping it from drying out and cracking, it also protects it from stains and dirt in the future.

If you are having problems with stains or dirt on your upholstery and these methods aren’t working or you just don’t have the time to spend cleaning them then contact Karpet Kleen Services for a professional upholstery cleaning and stain removal service - 01302 888877

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